Open Studio Classroom

Open Studio Sessions were a series of events which took place between February 10th and June 7th 2011.

Originally designed as a way to visit people in their place of work and creation, O.S.S., as it came to be known, became one of the primary ways that I structured my six months of research.  Many of the sessions had a corresponding poster which was used to publicize the open events.  These posters also functioned as a “lesson plan” — allowing me to place my attention for a time on the upcoming session.  This attention increasingly took the form of setting an intention and preparing the space for the qualities that I wished to be present.  This focus on the “how” of the gathering and not necessarily on what was going to take place became a defining characteristic of the events which ranged from 2 people to over 30 and involved everything from sculpting with clay and moss, to an epistemological discussion aboard a speeding railroad train.

A Gallery of  O.S.S. posters.  Click on a thumbnail to see the poster full screen.